Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Selection Khat Jame VOL 01

01. Touk Ngor Koun Khmer - 4.8 MB
02. Keylakor Pousmy - 3.5 MB
03. Tek Chit Koun Bros - 3.6 MB
04. Som Tous Del Tver Oy Oun Tek Pneak - 5.6 MB
05. Pderm Pi Soun Banhchob Doy Soun - 3.9 MB
06. Bomplech Min Ban - 4.5 MB
07. Banhchob - 3.1 MB
08. Khernh Oun Yom Bong Kor Cherchab - 5.7 MB
09. Should I Cry For You - 4.1 MB
10. Komhus Bong - 4.2 MB
11. Veayou Reatrey - 4.9 MB
12. Kom Plech Komnert - 3.5 MB
13. Bopha Kropom - 3.3 MB
14. Somrerk Besdoung - 4.7 MB
15. Sner Oun Chea Nich - 4.4 MB

Monday, January 30, 2012

Diamond CD Vol 02 | Pel Na Bong Mean Orkas

01. Pel Na Bong Mean Orkas (ចេស្តា)
02. Bye Bye Chet Kbot (Eno)
03. Ba Sen Chea Arch Jong Prab Tha Somthors (ចេស្តា)
04. Sne Oun Reang Rohot (Eno)
05. Muoy Kjorl (ចេស្តា)
06. Men Tor Tuol Sne Pel Besdong Mean Robuos (Eno)
07. Men Hean Prochorm Muk (ចេស្តា)
08. Tveu Monus Smors Yab Nas Reu? (Eno)
09. Tveu Tov Men Ruoch (Eno)
10. Som Angvor Kom Borm Bek Sne Kjom (Eno និង លីនី)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Selection Noy Vaneth Vol. 01

01. Tuk Bat Sne
02. Thnorm Sne
03. Phlov Mean Bornla
04. Oun Kmean Besdong
05. Oun Phdach Besdong
06. Chhleuy Chas Mok Oun
07. Kom Puol Phnom Srey
08. Oun Kmean Veacha
09. Kolab Prek Eng
10. Chet Srey Reu Chhya
11. Nov Te Mean Songkeum
12. Chivit Soben
13. Chet Phet Kbot 
14. Cheung Mek Por Svay
15. Yum Bey Reatrey

Saturday, January 28, 2012

RHM 1st Mini Album : 6 Years Lover

01. Kom yom
02. Srolanh knea komdor kar chheu chab
03. KNov kbae oun chea songsa oun nov kbae ke chea songsa ke
04. Nov kbae oun arom sne nov kbae ke arom smak
05. Ber srolanh bong oun trov srolanh khloun eng
06. Sneha pit robos oun keu chea boros ti 1

Friday, January 27, 2012

CD Town VOL 21 - Bong Nek Ke Dol Thnak Jong Chheu

០១. Bong Nek Ke Dol Thnak Jong Chheu by SokunNis

Big Man CD Vol 18 : Songsai Khos

Big Man Audio CD Vol 18 : Songsai Khos
Featured Artists: Heng Pitu, ....

Big Man CD Vol 17 : Out of my posibity to take care u

Big Man Audio CD Vol 17 : Out of my posibity to take care u
Featured Artists: Sophalen, Heng Pitu, Virakyuth

Big Man CD Vol 16 : Khlach kar pit thbet min chong bek

BigMan Audio CD Vol 16 : Khlach kar pit thbet min chong bek
Featured Artists: Chay Virakyuth, Leang Sophalen, ..

Big Man CD Vol 15 | Kheung Ke Min Thae Oun

BigMan CD Vol 15 | Kheung Ke Min Thae Oun
Featured Artists: Solido, Pitu, Sreyneang

Big Man CD Vol 14 - Asian Tour 2011 Celebration

Big Man CD Vol 14 - Asian Tour 2011 Celebration
Featured Artists: Sophalen, Virakyuth, ...

New AK Hake ( Hack Map ,Auto Shoot and Head shoot)

New AK Hake ( Hack Map ,Auto Shoot and Head shoot)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Big Man CD Vol 13 : Don't cry

Big Man Audio CD Vol 13 : Don't cry
Featured Artists: Sophalen, Heng Pitu, Sok Sreyneang

Big Man CD Vol 12 : Orkun Oun Del Srolanh Bong

Big Man Audio CD Vol 12 : Thanks you for loving me
Featured Artists: Chhay Virakyuth

Big Man CD Vol 11 : Niyeay tov chong yom

Big Man Audio CD Vol 11 : Niyeay tov chong yom
Featured Artists: Heng Pitu

Sunday Audio CD Vol 127 : Tomorrow we are a part

01. Saek loeung bek knea ( Khemarak Sereymon )
02. Ke tver barb oun doch tver barb bong ( Khemarak Sereymon )
03. Sarang oun ( Khemarak Sereymon )
04. My Honey mdech kohok bong ( Khemarak Sereymon )
05. Skoil bong khlas phong ( Sok Raksa )
06. Kun ovpok mday ( Sok Raksa )
07. Steav samai thmey alibaba ( Sok Raksa )
08. Ke kbot yang na kor troim ( Khemarak Sreypov )
09. Min ach phas phsar ( Khemarak Sreypov )
10. Sondarn kbot ( Khemarak Sreypov )

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Big Man CD Vol 10: Apologize

Big Man Audio CD Vol 10: Apologize
Featured Artists: Chhay Virakyuth

Big Man CD Vol 09 : Sok sok songsa som bek

Big Man Audio CD Vol 09 : Sok sok songsa som bek
Featured Artists: Sok Sreyneang, Pitu, Virakyuth, ..

Big Man CD Vol 08 : No Choice

Big Man CD Vol 08 : No Choice
Featured Artist: Chhay Virakyuth, Arn Kun Kola, Leang Sophalen

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How to disable Facebook Timeline?

Below are steps to disable Facebook timeline. The basic idea is to remove Timeline application of facebook from your account.

Steps To Disable Facebook Timeline
1. Log in into your Facebook Account.
2. Then Click Go to Developer Page.
3. Towards your left Side you will see your Application name which you had created at the time of Enabling Facebook Timeline feature.Click on it.

4. Click the Edit Setting link of your Application.
5. Click on the Delete Apps option to delete your Created Application.

6. Confirm to delete the Application and Now you are done,Just enjoy the Old look.

Note: The solution can be done or not depends on underline feature of Facebook. Hope it is still useful.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Big Man CD Vol 07 : Tour chronen

Big Man CD Vol 07 : Tour chronen
Featured Artists: Heng Pitu, Ratha, Solido, ..

Big Man CD Vol 06 : Father and Mother

Big Man Audio CD Vol 06 : Father and Mother
Featured Artists: Chay Virakyuth, Tola, ..

Big Man CD Vol 05 : Bek Knea Tov

Big Man Audio CD Vol 05 : Bek Knea Tov
Featured Artists: Yuk Thet Rotha, Heng Pitu, Arn Kunkola

Big Man CD Vol 04 : Kom bo boul bong oy srok teok pnek

Big Man CD Vol 04 : Kom bo boul bong oy srok teok pnek
Featured Artists: Arn Kun Kola, Sim Thaina, Solido

Big Man CD Vol 03 : Nov Barom Songsa Kmeng

Big Man Audio CD Vol 03 : Nov Barom Songsa Kmeng
Featured Artists: Thaina, Heng Pitu, Jolly..

Big Man CD Vol 02 : Born To Try

Big Man Audio CD Vol 02 : Born To Try
Featured Artists: Solido, Sim Thaina, Kola, Joly...

Big Man CD Vol 01 : Boros Chit Thmor

Big Man Audio CD Vol 01 : Boros Chit Thmor
Featured Artists: Solido, Sokret, ....

How to jailbreak the iPhone 4S

The wait is finally over. Three months after the iPhone 4S released, Apple’s A5-powered handset finally has an untethered jailbreak. In this guide we’ll walk through the entire procedure so you can free your iPhone 4S.

The tool for this jailbreak is called absinthe (apparently iOS hackers like to party). It’s an untethered jailbreak, meaning you won’t need to connect your device to a PC whenever you reboot. We have the instructions and download links for you to have your A5 device jailbroken in no time.

1. Download Absinthe

The first thing you’ll want to do is get the Absinthe tool. It can be downloaded from here for Mac and here for Windows.

After downloading the package, unzip.

2. Backup your device in iTunes

This isn’t technically necessary, but it’s probably wise to backup your device before jailbreaking.

3. Run Absinthe

After connecting your device to your PC via USB, simply open the Absinthe jailbreak tool. It should detect your device and give you the option of jailbreaking it.

Press “jailbreak” to begin the process. It should take you through several steps (all of which will take some time), as seen in the screenshots below:

The next stage of the process will make it appear that your device restoring from a backup:

Next your device will start to reboot:

After rebooting, it will “send payload data” (remember that this is all happening without any additional input from you):

Finally, you’ll get this “almost done” screen:

Though it says to look for a “jailbreak” icon on your device’s home screen, the icon is actually called Absinthe:

Your device should then reboot, and return with a Cydia icon in its place. You’re jailbroken!

* If you get an error when opening Absinthe, it’s because the Greenp0ison servers are down. You can try turning on VPN (Settings>General>Network>VPN and selecting the “jailbreak” VPN). This shouldn’t be necessary anymore.

SHINee - Hello (Repackage)

01 Lucifer  
02 Hello 
03 하나 (One)
04 Get It
05 Up And Down 
06 Electric Heart 
07 A-Yo 
08 욕 (Obsession) 
09 화살 (Quasimodo) 
10 악 (Shout Out) 
12 Your Name 
13 Life 
14 Ready Or Not 
15 Love Pain 
16 사.계.후 (Love Still Goes On)

Best Hits - December 2011

Album : Best Hits - December 2011
Singer : VA
Genre : R&B, HipHop & More

Adam Lambert - Better Than I Know Myself (Prod. By Dr.Luke).mp3 - 5.0 MB
Akcent - Im Sorry (Radio Edit).mp3 - 5.3 MB
Akon ft. Ludacris - Drop Down (Luda Edit) (Prod. By Konvict).mp3 - 3.3 MB
B.O.B. - Never Lost ft. Coldplay (Prod. By Jim Jonsin).mp3 - 5.3 MB
Beyonce ft. GABE - Miss You (Remix).mp3 - 4.8 MB
Bob Sinclar ft. Pitbull & Fatman Scoop - Rock The Boat.mp3 - 4.3 MB
Bruno Mars - Dont Give Up.mp3 - 2.8 MB
Busta Rhymes ft. Twista - Can U Keep Up (Prod. By Just Blaze).mp3 - 5.4 MB
Chris Brown ft. Teyana Taylor - Push Me Up (Prod. by Brian Kennedy).mp3 - 5.1 MB
David Brown ft. David Guetta - Down Down Down.mp3 - 4.7 MB
Dev ft. Enrique Igleasias - Naked.mp3 - 5.6 MB
DJ Earworm - United State of Pop 2011 (World Go Boom).mp3 - 6.5 MB
Eva Simons ft. Lil Jon - Pressure (Prod. by DJ Sneak).mp3 - 6.2 MB
Fat Boy ft. Lil Jon - Curves.mp3 - 2.1 MB
Flo Rida ft. Sia - Wild Ones.mp3 - 5.4 MB
Francisco ft. Rock City - I Like It.mp3 - 4.6 MB
Jason Derulo - Rest Of My Life (Prod. By Ryan Tedder).mp3 - 4.7 MB
Natalia Kills ft. Far East Movement - Lights Out.mp3 - 4.4 MB
NeYo - In Love With You (Prod. by David Guetta).mp3 - 2.6 MB
Pitbull ft. Chris Brown - International Love (Jump Smokers Radio Edit).mp3 - 6.2 MB
Rihanna - You Da One (Funk3d Radio Edit).mp3 - 5.3 MB
Sean Paul ft. Ester Dean - How Deep Is Your Love (Prod. By Stargate).mp3 - 5.8 MB
T-Pain ft. Ne Yo - Turn All the Lights On (FULL).mp3 - 5.1 MB
T-Pain vs Chuckie ft. Pitbull - Its Not You (Its Me).mp3 - 5.2 MB
Will.I.Am - Great Times (Final).mp3 - 6.8 MB

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Best Of Chhet Sovan Panha Collection

01. Yom komdor pnek
02. Sday kroy kroy bos bong bong
03. Reu oun kou cak cenh doy sngat sngat
04. Leak chit kseb ksoul
05. Chreus phlov banh chob sne
06. Game sne
07. Gomen Na Sai (Sorry)
08. Srok chheam ler seavpov sne
09. Sr lanh bong khlang men ten
10. Yol arom oun phong
11. Chheu chab mneak eng
12. Keu oun men te
13. Mnus laor del bong min sne
14. Som bong nik oun phong
15. Chhlous khloun eng
16. You're my dream
17. Domnok teok pnek knong samut
18. Leak dol na
19. Pheakdey her por
20. KDL - Ke prab tha khlach tngai kroy chheu chab

[Mini Album] T-Ara – Funky Town

T-ara (티아라) -Funky Town (Lovey Dovey)
Release Date: 2012.01.03
Genre: Pop Dance, Ballad
Language: Korean

T-ara takes you to Funky Town with their fifth mini-album! After Roly-Poly, the girls strike again with another fun and funky dance single in Lovey Dovey, which is released in both its original and club remix versions. The song from hitmakers Shinsadong Tiger and Choi Kyu Sung features strong beats, electronic sounds, and an addictive melody. The mini-album also includes T-ara’s “We Were In Love” collaboration with Davichi and the ballad version of Cry Cry.

01. Lovey Dovey
02. 우리 사랑했잖아
03. Lovey Dovey (Club Remix Ver.)
04. Cry Cry
05. Goodbye, OK
06. O My God

Chenla Brother ( CB ) Production CD Vol 07 : True Love Never Die

01. Kdey sne min proit
02. Ther songsa ke
03. Chrol khloun
04. Dong herm sne
05. Tous deong tha kbot kor sabbai chit
06. Besdong oun mean mnus 3 nek
07. Mchas sne peus pol
08. Kom vek nhek
09. Mdech chreus bong
10. Mnus yang khjom

Chenla Brother ( CB ) Production CD Vol 06 : 101 Reasons

01 - 101 Het pol
02 - Pja yeam kmean ney
03 - Dream
04 - Sonya bek knea
05 - Cit tinh cit
06 - Kom som lab cit sne oun
07 - Min ach leik leng
08 - Sne bong min trov kar com leuy
09 - Kroy pleang
10 - Ot cheat

Chenla Brother ( CB ) Production CD Vol 05 : Cham tang trodor

01. Chamm teang tr dor
02. Lombak
03. Tr lob peak
04. Vinhean neang yok
05. Bong deong
06. Min songha te toun samai
07. Saropheab oy heuy
08. Teok pnek som chleuy
09. Ber oun pre phseng
10. Mnus et phoib

Chenla Brother ( CB ) Production CD Vol 04 : Bondam Sne

01. Chit dero charn
02. Bondam sne
03. 3 neak phlov 2
04. Mnus chomnous
05. Bondos chit prean
06. Atibye
07. Reatrey kmean bong
08. Khmas khoun eng
09. Dak kok khloun eng
10. Norouk chit

Chenla Brother ( CB ) Production CD Vol 03 : Miss You

01. Cit choib kael
02. Oy cit slab chosB
03. Sne ster smos
04. Sabbai cit te oun
05. Chomreab lear
06. Lamom chaet chaon
07. Somrek chheu chab
08. Nik oun
09. Besdong kmean nisaiy
10. Yol te tok

Chenla Brother ( CB ) Production CD Vol 02 : I Can't Stop Loving You

01. Teok pnek kteuy_Visal
02. Chamm bong tror lob kroy
03. Pel na oun smos
04. Chheu na
05. I Can't Stop Loving U
06. Som Lanh Ey
07. Sondarn kanh chrorng
08. Pel nher nheum kor ho teok pnek
09. Sne far pka sla
10. Chit min teang_Bonnarath

Chenla Brother ( CB ) Production CD Vol 01 : Hold Me For a While

01 - Kon et khann sla
02 - Phdeom sr lanh phdeom os songkhem
03 - Hold me for a while
04 - Chob leang choon pheab kbot
05 - Rous komdor tngaiy slab
06 - Prouy sen prouy
07 - Sr morl sonya
08 - Chamm rohort
09 - Sen sabai
10 - Som kom bontos khjom

Saturday, January 21, 2012

U2 Entertainment Production Vol 22 : Komhos krob yang mok pi rob khnhom

01. Komhos krob yang mok2 khjom_Mon
02. Sdai peak sonya_Srey Pao
03. Prounh sne dot chit_Mon
04. Peak sror lanh kheang chit_Anita
05. Nisaiy chea prean kor mean besdong_Mon
06. Tok choub tok_Srey Pao
07. Khleat mit chit eka_Mon
08. Sol trem teok pnek_Anita
09. Sne thlaiy chob tam bot phleng_Mon
10. Lngong prous sne bong_Anita

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